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Pics are organized first by country, and then by category. An explanation of the categories is at the bottom of this page.

In order to make things faster and easier for those of you using modems, each category page has a series of thumbnails (small pics) for your perusal. To get the full-sized pic, click on the small pic that you want to look see. Pics were scanned in to take up most of the screen at a resolution of 1024x800 and take up from 100-400k, averaging about 150k.

Panorama of the Great Pyramids
Westminster Cathedral Pic
Le Louvre Pic
Oracle at Delphi Pic
Fresh Sandwiches Are Never Ready Pic
Ireland (Republic Of)
Cradock Family Pic
San Marino Pic
Ancient Monument Pic
Northern Ireland
Giant's Causeway Pic
Glencoe Pic
Mt. Nemrut Pic
Mt. Nemrut Pic


I'm not particularly religious myself, but I love cathedrals for their three "A's": art, architecture and ambience. Whether it's inside or out, if it has to do with a Cathedral, it's here. NOTE: This also includes all major religious buildings! Any impressive mosques, temples (modern, not ancient) or synagogues will also be found in this category. Ancient temples are in Monuments And Famous Stuff. Tiny churches are more "scenic" to me, so they'd be in Miscellaneous.
Ever seen The Tonight Show with Jay Leno? Every night, he shows a series of funny newspaper clippings, ads, headlines, etc. Most of them are either misprints or miswordings or just generally bizarre stuff. This is my personal collection of the bizarre: strange names for towns (Dull), funny road signs (Oncoming Vehicles In Middle Of Road), Strange Products (Mr Brain's Four Faggots), not-totally-accurate translations (Fresh Sandwiches Are Never Ready), etc.
Monuments And Famous Stuff
Archaeological sites, famous monuments, museums, famous landmarks, that kinda thing.
People I've met, usually people I've stayed with, or at least had interesting conversations with. Pictures of strangers would fall under Miscellaneous.
Everything else. If you're looking for scenic shots, sunsets, sunrises, waterfalls, animals, plants, random people, etc., this is where to look.